We are Pedal

We're not just another bike shop that sells coffee. we’re a hub for all things cycling. Whether you want to buy some new kit, get your bike serviced, have a coffee or simply just talk about all things two wheels, we’re here for you.

We are cyclists and we created Pedal for cyclists. Our motto is “Born to love the ride” but what does that actually mean? While it might sound cliche, but we don’t want to be seen as just another bike shop, we want to make a change on the perception of what a bike shop can be.

Our approach is that we ride for the love of riding. As long as we unclip with a smile on our face at the end of the ride, then we’re happy. We bring it back to basics and remind ourselves of the reasons we fell in love with the bike: fun, freedom and friendship.

When creating Pedal, we looked at it through the eyes of a cyclist. What would you have if you were building the perfect cycling destination? A collection of unique brands that you won’t see in every other shop, a service centre to keep your bike rolling smooth, great coffee, and of course amazing food. Think of us as the ultimate cycling clubhouse.

There are three distinct parts to Pedal: retail, hospitality and community. While it all comes together to create the hub that we know and love, each aspect brings something different.

We stock some of the finest brands in the sport. Feeling comfortable and looking good are two things that we are great believers of, and we’ll happily guide you around our showroom based on your needs. Our brands include Pas Normal Studios, Café du Cyclist, Suplest, UDOG, Alba Optics, Mission Workshop, Princeton Carbon Works, Kogel & Pure Nutrition.

If you’re after a new bike, we have plenty to look at in store. From Officine Mattio to 3T, road or gravel, we have you covered. Our full custom offerings include brands such as Sarto, Stelbel, Baum, & Festka. Whatever the configuration of your dream bike may be, we can help you bring it to life.

Our service centre is available for whatever problem your bike throws at you. Whether it be regular maintenance to keep your bike running in the sandy conditions, or a simple puncture, we’re here to help. For some of the simpler problems, like a puncture or a chain drop, don’t be afraid to ask one of our mechanics on tips for how to fix it yourself. We’re happy to teach you how to get out of simple mechanical problems and ensure that you’re riding for as long as possible.

Great coffee and great food. Every cyclist understands the importance of the two, and we’ve got you covered. We have a Sanremo Opera machine combined with local Speciality Batch beans ready to pull the perfect shot of coffee. Of course, there are all kinds of espresso drinks available, as well as Chemex, V60 and classic drip too.

The kitchen is open between 8am and 10pm and has something available whatever your appetite. There are smaller pastries and sweet treats, all day breakfast options as well as lunch and dinner.

Whether you’re a Dubai local, or just visiting the area for a short amount of time, we’ve got your back.

Who are we? We are Pedal. We are born to love the ride.