Enhance 50:52 Wheelset

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The Enhance 50:52 Wheelset is available for pre-order today, with delivery expected in 3-4 weeks from time of purchase.

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Introducing the Enhance 50/52mm wheelset from Polymer Workshop, enginered specifically for a faster experience on the road. The front rim measures 35mm external width and 23mm internal width. The rear rim measures 30,7mm external width and 23mm internal width. The Enhance wheels feature our state-of-the-art magnetic hub system incorporating ceramic bearings, 54-tooth engagement profile, hookless tubeless rims, and easy interchangeable carbon spokes.

The combination of a 50mm front rim and a 52mm rear rim offers a perfect balance between aerodynamics and versatility, making these wheels ideal for both high-speed racing and rigorous training sessions. The Enhance wheelset has a total weight of 1423 grams. The wheelsets arrives with pre-installed Polymer Workshop 3M tubeless tape and valves.