Guee | SL Elite Bar Tape

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Continue our great SL series material, new SL Elite surface provides superb gripping and non-slippery in dry and wet conditions.
SL Elite comes with a new structure design that makes a comfortable and solid feel. More direct road feeling of handling compares to SL Dual and SL Geo. New colors and graphic, provide more option to rider to decorate bike boost your mood.

  • Non-woven fabric base combines with wet PU synthetic leather texture gives comfort and a solid feel.

  • Superb gripping for great steering control non-slippery in dry and wet conditions.

  • Structure and process improve durability. Long-term use will not cause damage.

  • Flexible material contours bar surface for perfectly wrapped handlebar and aero bar.

  • An embossed color pattern rounds things out with a unique style.

  • Lock-on high-end plugs for bar tape fix tight.


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