ALTA 3532 Road Wheelset

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The ALTA 3532 Road Wheelset is available for pre-order today, with delivery expected in 3-4 weeks from time of purchase.

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Princeton CarbonWorks Alta 3532; the shallowest and lightest wheel offered by PCW, designed to conquer the steepest of climbs.

A natural evolution forward, Alta 3532 has a variety of unique features that make it a stiff, responsive, and durable ultra-lightweight wheelset.

21mm internal hooked tubeless ready clincher profile accommodates wider modern tires.

PCWs trademark non-drilled tire bed makes tubeless setup fast and easy.

A shaped and optimized valve exit makes tightening valves more straightforward and easier on the fingers.

When it comes to new technologies, Alta 3532 is the first wheel set in the PCW stable to utilize our new EVOLUTION rim design and layup. Rim depth varies between 35 and 32 millimeters, with a rim weight of 348 grams (hooked, clincher, tubeless ready). Wheels offer improved spoke tension balance and ultimately better overall performance by utilising the rim shape to balance spoke angle: steep spokes (drive side on the rear wheel and disc side on the front wheel) are attached to the deeper section of the rim, bringing them in more symmetry with the opposing sides’ spokes.
For the first time ever, a variable and asymmetric cross section is used to aid in spoke engagement and create a more direct spoke to rim interface; the nipple bed articulates from drive side to non-drive side with each spoke to better match the spoke entry angle to the rim.
EVOLUTION is an inherently lighter overall design methodology by removing material on the inner of the edge of the rim, optimising spoke bracing angles and tensions, and ultimately creating a more efficient final product.