About Mission Workshop

About Mission Workshop

The Mission is where we design, develop, and work in San Francisco.


In 2009, down an alleyway surrounded by taquerias and dive bars, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work refurbishing an old warehouse to call home. After months of being covered in steel splinters, sheet rock dust, and moldy insulation, we cut the ribbon on our shiny new workspace and Mission Workshop was born.

We created the workshop out of the desire to build gear as tough as it is beautiful. It’s this pursuit that hooked us from the beginning and has kept us at it for more than 25 years. Our full history goes way back to 1994 when co-founder Mark Falvai and our good friend Doug Hudson started the company called Chrome and helped spark an entire movement in lifestyle-driven technical cycling apparel and bags.

For us it’s always been about product. Be it the original MTB riding short, launched back in 94 with Chrome, our first MW pack called the Vandal, or the modular Arkiv pack system, we are always striving to push things forward and create products that make the day to day a bit better for those that invest in and use our gear.

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